Thermo hydraulics equipments dedicated to the management of the temperature of liquids for industrial use of hot water or steam

Consulting services
  • Evaluation of critical issues in the system
  • Research and improvement of the efficiency of the system
  • Focus on finding the best solution in terms of costs/performance
  • Easier solution to be integrated in the existing plants and engineering

  • Compliant with CE, PED and other regulatory rules and specifications covering industrial processes and facilities
  • Competence and flexibility to meet the User’s needs
  • Project management able to follow the entire life cycle
  • 3D executive project
  • Built-in electronics by ADSUM
  • Remote monitoring and management system via internet, GSM and WiFi

  • BOM list in agreement with the Customer
  • Specialized on building by inox ANSI 304-316
  • Continuous quality control
  • Goods fully assembled-checked-certified and guaranteed by our plant.

Solutions for industry
Aquaskid Rapid V/A, Aquaskid Rapid A/A, Industrial “turn-key” solutions in Italy and abroad.

Large installations:
supply of skids and plant parts related to piping as well as coordination, logistic management, contract and commissioning.


• Simplifying bureaucratic red tape.

• No structural adjustment necessary.

• Ultrafast to get operational.


Tell us about your needs and we will provide the most suitable solution