Adsum Green Policy

The world continuous to grow its dependency on expensive and polluting energy. The damage to the environment obliged us to from the start of our activity to focus on reducing energy needs through waste reduction and energy efficiency. This focus has driven us to find innovative technological solutions, making Adsum a world leader in our field. Apart from out patents this is evidenced in all aspects of our operation:


Use of high quality and recyclable materials, increase product performance, optimization of size and weight for rain materials savings, integration of EMS patent (Energy Management System) for a significant reduction C02 emissions and energy efficiency, use of generators with energy class A to minimize carbon footprint.


supply chain collaborations with companies that share sustainable policies.


our energy optimized product are designed for optimal management of domestic hot water and sustainable air conditioning (Energy Audit)

Supplier chain

Use short supply chain 64,6% of zero km suppliers regarding the total value of the product, preference for suppliers certified SGQ ISO 9001 AND ISO 14001, continuous collaborations with suppliers for finding low environmental impact solutions.