ADSUM ...The green way to heat water.

Water masters

Adsum is an Italian company headquartered in Ascoli Piceno (Marche), which designs and produces thermal power skids to produce domestic hot water and heating, through the Aquaskid e Thermoskid product lines.
All these systems are designed to maximise energy savings and the reduction of C02 emissions. Moreover, Adsum creates thermo-hydraulic systems dedicated to the management hot transfer and fluid handling.
Adsum was established in 2012 and its mission is to create innovate thermo-hydraulic solutions which are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Continuous research and the attention to ecology and sustainability is part of our heritage.
Adsum’s patents are proof of its dedication to research and its ability to translate this into innovative products. Our R&D efforts are supported by close university collaborations.

“ADSUM ® has the skills to be a landmark, a reliable partner and has protected its products and brands to address a global market”