Plug&play and stand-alone thermal power units to cover all requirements for domestic hot water production

Aquaskid series

Suitable for producing domestic hot water (DHW) for medium and large entities such as camping sites, holiday villages, residential complexes, hotels, sport centres, changing rooms in companies and canteen, wellness centres, animal breeding farms.


• Simplifying bureaucratic red tape because no building permit is required (in Italy)

• No structural adjustment necessary

• Can be installed and operational in as little as 2 hours.


Tell us about your needs and we will provide the most suitable solution.
The modular design gives us full flexibility in design an optimal solution.
Adsum assembles and tests all its products in-house, thereby allowing us to certify and guarantee high levels of quality


Our system offers immediate energy savings thanks to its patented EMS, which combines automatically applies the most suitable between the booster and saving modes.


Remote monitoring and remote control of parameters and settings leads to improved service and customer care.

EMS foresees the possibilities of easy managing and monitoring Aquaskid® and Thermoskid® by different networks: GPRS, Wi-Fi, Ethernet LAN.


Stand alone

Our Skid design includes all required components making it plug&play ready. Thanks to this advanced design it has eliminated the need for any additional equipment to be installed at the client’s site.

Patented technology

Adsum has been rewarded with several patents, reflecting its capacity to develop innovative solutions for the benefit of its clients. Adsum’s patents are evidence of the company’s ongoing dedication to R&D and allows our customers to purchase and experience unique products.


The equipment is ready to use soon after making the essential connections: water, electricity and/or gas.
Simple, effective, immediately ready.


Aquaskid units can be powered by gas and/or electrically and pf course solar panels, to provide option of power supply and satisfy all needs.